Saturday, November 5, 2011

FIT program survey

This is your chance to point out to the government how stupid some (most) of the aspects of the FIT program are. As part of a mandatory 2 year review, the Ontario Ministry of Energy are offering the public an opportunity to submit comments on-line.
The link is: Then click on "Click here to take the survey" The process began October 31, 2011 and will end December 14, 2011. You will notice in the Ministry of Energy's literature that the loss of food producing agricultural land is never mentioned, the cost of the projects seem to be their focus. The government also claims that the FIT programs are focusing on improving Ontarian's health, the issues of noise and water contamination with their FIT programs also need to be expressed.
Please forward this link to any others who may be interested.

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  1. Murray and Shona StoneDecember 13, 2011 at 9:22 PM

    We are not opposed to solar energy, but we are opposed to taking prime agricultural land out of production; for the purpose of a solar farm, when there is other land more suitable, as well as thousands of acres of rooftops and non-productive land. This is a CRIME that this is even being considered. A responsible government should be stopping this process immediately! We are in STRONG OPPOSITION to sacrificing irreplacable productive farmland for what appears to be a political platform.